• The Need To Update An Antivirus Software

    In today's world, man and machines are complementary to one another. A man's routine is directly or indirectly determined by computers. Thus, it is extremely essential to have a healthy and fast working computer system to keep consistency in work. Absence of security program creates lots of disabilities. To get an efficient and fast operating system, it is essential to install and update antivirus security program. Antivirus is a security application program that safeguards our system from malicious activities of rouge program codes, such as malware and virus. It's quite essential to perform time to time updates of antivirus security software to avoid technical ailments.



    Various antivirus software, for example Kaspersky, Norton, AVG etc. have different update procedures. You must know about all of the policies and processes to select best antivirus security software for the body. Update of antivirus can be done in two ways. One of the ways is automatic update using Internet connectivity and other way is manual update. It will prompt you to update specific antivirus security program that's installed in your system. Another method of antivirus upgrade are- 

    • Antivirus updates using option: Antivirus software gives an option to update antivirus security when subscription is about to end. Antivirus software lets you update your safety program through the options available inside.
    • Antivirus updates using authorized website: Antivirus software can be upgraded using business site. For instance, if you are using Norton antivirus security software then, visit to website of the company and look for Norton Activation option. Download and install the upgraded version of antivirus security software out there and then remove the previously installed antivirus using control panel.


    If you really want to update antivirus software manually for example, Norton antivirus, then you Want to consider the steps mentioned below-


    STEP 1- Download and install latest version of Norton antivirus software and save it to desktop.


    STEP 2- Copy the downloaded setup and glue it into potable storage device such as USB.


    STEP 3-Add the USB drive to a PC without using internet connection


    STEP 4-Run the Antivirus installation and got to upgrade option and select manual update.


    STEP 5-Select the downloaded antivirus file in the USB and click "open".


    Usability: Update your antivirus applications using internet link.


    Recommendation: If you still feel uncomfortable with the above mentioned update procedure, it is recommended to access professional services of certified technical support organizations. Their technicians will steer you to upgrade your PC/Laptop's antivirus security. You can also read more about antivirus software update here : Upgrade antivirus software to maintain PC security.

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